This is going to be a very busy few weeks! Have you seen the new Google Calendar linked to the page? Check it out and add the great events to your own calendar!  Looking for a doula? I also have spots open on my calendar (Kristen’s) and am taking birth clients starting in late November. What about the new “Let’s Talk About” series that Kristen is starting up. This is a chance to talk about some of the more taboo subjects that women have questions about.

Here is a breakdown of the schedule of events:

August (What’s left of it!)

28– Thursday 10am – Music on the Move


September 1–Monday 10am-12pm – Rally &

                                       Family day at Mercer Park in Iowa City

Please note Fall Hours:

10-3 Tues-Friday & 11-4 Saturday


4 – Thursday 10am – Music on the Move

  11:00am – American Family Insurance Info Session

  6:30pm – Let’s Talk About: Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products

  7:30pm – Basics of Essential Oils (Preregister for $15)

5 – Friday 6:30pm – Origami Owl Party

6 – Saturday 10am – Music on the Move

10 – Wednesday 10:30am Playgroup

11Thursday 10am – Music on the Move

18 – Thursday 10am – Music on the Move

                      6:30pm – Cloth Diapering Class

20 – Saturday 9:15am – Microbirth Movie Event @LADD Library

24 – Wednesday 10:30am – Play Group

25– Thursday 10am – Music on the Move

                    6:30pm – Let’s Talk About – Sex After Baby

26 – 10:15 and 11:15 Dance with Your Baby

27-28 –Sat-Sun 9am-5pm –Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat

                        At Hands in Harmony in Cedar Rapids