One of my favorite doula resources is the Happiest Baby On the Block by Harvey Karp. In this book he talks about and shows you (there is a DVD too) how to soothe and calm your baby with the 5 S’s

The daily deal is going to talk about the #5: Suck

Babies put everything in their mouths, they even suck when they are sleeping (one of my most favorite things to see!) Nursing for comfort and pacifiers also fall into this soothing method. The mom of a finger/s or thumb sucker knows, that even when they are big and supposedly grown out of thumb or finger sucking, your child is sometimes “caught” sucking their thumb when they are hurt or sick or sad.

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Baby Time offers a bunch of different kind of teethers, both silicone and natural rubber. There are also Hevea (natural rubber) pacifiers in two different sizes. For bigger kids, the Jr. Jellystone necklaces in both robots, owls, and hearts are great transition from the thumb or paci or even if they need the bite or suck on something for their sensory needs.

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