It’s hard to believe that five years ago I had my first Baby Time event. I partnered with Jungling Photography for a photo contest/fundraiser and was able to bring my new online business into her studio too. She photographed lots of babies and children and we raised a couple hundred dollars for a local charity too.

Later in the day, I also realized the space two doors down from her was going to be available and I started the negotiations for the Glenbrook Centre location! I moved Baby Time from my basement shelves to 900 square feet just 4 months later! And now here I am in this beautiful new space in NewBo looking at a picture of my TOTAL inventory from April 28th, 2012.


Here’s to growth! Slowly and organically as it should happen. I love┬ábeing able to offer more great products to local families and I’m so proud of the community that has grown around my shop. Five years! I couldn’t have done with without loyal customers, friends, and support from family. I can’t wait to see where Baby Time will be at in another five years. I hope you can join me there too!

For more celebration please join us at our Blessing event on Saturday, May 13th from 7-9pm at Baby Time. There will be toasts and lots of fun!