I’ve heard my Aunt say at least five times, “We’d all have ten kids if they never got sick!”  I know I take for granted my childrens’ strong immune systems and that they’re only knocked out from sniffles, coughs, fevers and random viruses a couple times a year. But I still worry when I’m holding my sick kiddos, listening to their breaths while they fidget in their fever-induced dreams, smelling that weird smokey fever smell. I wonder when (not if) they will be ok, and am so ridiculously grateful with the knowledge in a few more hours (and cold washcloths) it will soon pass.

But for those parents who hold their children who are sick  with an unknown disease,  or a scary known one, my heart breaks.  We all know family who are affected by a disease which has turned into something beyond doctors’ help. We see the family praying and hoping that this procedure will heal him, or pleading the Please God-take-this-away-from-her-and-give-it-to-me prayer.  For these moms and dad I am sincerely empathetic, but I truly do not know that despair. So I donate time, money, and a listening ear; meals and childcare if they are local.

This is an opportunity to help one of those families going through a scary illness called ROHHAD, and the answer for healing is experimental and the costs are exponential. For the family of Antonio, they have so many trials ahead. The awesome people at Eylas Imports, Nappy Shoppe and Sweet Pea Diapers have come together to help him out by making a one-of-a-kind wetbag.

orange camo bag

I have two orange camo prints available for $15. All of which goes to the family after the manufacturing costs are complete.  Personally I know the family through several cloth diaper retailing groups on Facebook and they are a class act. I also have a huge admiration for Sharni (of Nappy Shoppe) and Candice, Antonio’s mother, who runs Mami’s and Papi’s in Killeen, TX. These ladies have a great relationship as friends and  fellow retailers who could be considered competition, but instead complement each other’s business.

I plan to personally match the price of the $15 wetbag to send to Antonio’s fundraising page. So another $30 for both of these bags.

For more information on Antonio’s condition and fundraising webpage: click here.

To buy the wetbags – come into the shop, or message me here.