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Before I considered myself a “crunchy” mom I didn’t think twice about what went into the Easter baskets. Except for what chocolate did I like and NO WAY were my kids getting those weird marshmallow candies with the hard shell on it.  However, now with candy being handed out for every single holiday as well as the non-holidays (St. Patricks day candy? Really?) I started to rethink what goes in those baskets. I slowly switched from candy to little toys, pencils and pennies.

Then I decided I didn’t want to put plastic junk in their bags (I do reuse the eggs every year) and quit using that plastic Easter grass and Chinese junky toys that you can get in the Target or Walmart bins. Now I try to find cool art projects, a new
pair of flip flops and swim suit for swimming lessons, toys that I can find for cheap at our local consignment store like Polly Pockets and this year I scored a big Play Mobile sale at Intelligent Life toys in Marion, IA.



And now with my own store I can be even more creative. See the play silks (Sarah Silks and Color Tonic), Hevea Bath toys, Aura Cacia bath foams, Jellystone teething jewelry and toys (they have Jr. sizes too!), Planet Wise snack bags, Green Toys and more. Now with the addition of Sophie and the new Farm Buddies coming next week – that is one heck of a basket!

So think outside the basket, you CAN make a change with your dollar this year:


Think Local – There are lots of options at Baby Time and other local toy and candy stores. A couple of NICE pieces of candy and or toys are more fun in the long run. Plus avoid the junky toys that will break and end up in the bin long before Christmas stockings are getting pulled out of storage.

Think Green – No more plastic grass! Better for the environment, better for you having to clean up all those little pieces stuck on clothes, toys and furniture, not to mention always ending up in the baby’s mouth!


Think Consciously – Where is that 5 for $1 pencil eraser made? Or that shirt you got for $5? Just like the cheap diapers, do you think they are made from factories in the USA for workers who are given fair wages and working conditions? Probably not. Some of the items I carry in the store are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts – and I can easily justify that because I’m supporting (and you with your dollar!) our own economic ecostructure as well as knowing the workers are being paid fairly. I also trust that the products I carry at Baby Time are safe for you and your children.  Every bit counts.


Go GREEN for Easter this year. Every”bunny” can make a difference!