Wizard King

It’s been quite some time since we started wearing Healing Amber in our family. Here is an update:

Me: I like it – I’m not sure if I notice a difference in my mood or general well being, but I didn’t have any real complaints or conditions to begin with. I’ll be honest tho – I think my chiropractor has made the plantar fasciitis, knee, hip and back pain go away more than the amber. However, I think it’s beautiful to wear and love how it warms to my body temperature.

Meaghan: She just turned four last month and she doesn’t wear it long enough to say one way or another. I’m lucky she keeps the same pair of undies on throughout the day. However, I did have her wear it when she was sick with the flu to hopefully combat some of the aches and pains. But I’m not sure if it made a difference or not.

Aaron: He wore it for about a month, and took it off saying it made his pain worse. YMMV I guess!

Rhys: He started out with one necklace and took his Dad’s after he quit wearing his, and now has two! He loves how they look and says he thinks it makes his back hurt less (I wasn’t aware he was having back problems, I think he hears us old folk complain about it too much.) But this is where it gets interesting….what he doesn’t know is I have kept track of his mood swings, meltdowns and temper tantrums since wearing the amber. He has a few blow ups every now and again, but the epic meltdowns only occur 24 hours after he forgets to put his amber back on after swimming lessons or showering.  By far this change in our family has been the best and worth the investment in the amber I purchased for the family.

I chatted about this phenomenon in the Healing Amber retailers page on Facebook, wondering what they thought or if the owner of Healing Amber had any input. Kristen Eaton had this to say, “I have heard it improved mood but haven’t learned specific (scientific) reasoning behind it. My personal theory is that if you are uncomfortable/in pain etc, the amber helps alleviate that and you feel better in general. Children often have a hard time knowing if they are in pain unless it’s big or there is an event. Think 0f needing to pee badly, it would cause anxiety/irritability in a person but they wouldn’t call it pain. Does this make sense? Aside from that, if he has some inflammation in his body causing the mood swing (not sure how, maybe brain chemistry?), amber helps with inflammation :).”

I have been considering putting our family on a no-dairy trial to see if that helped with moods, tummies and all of those sort of things. I know that cutting dairy out (I eat a yogurt a day and cheese maybe once a week is all) has drastically improved my seasonal allergies and congestion, and am willing to make the switch to almond milk and a cheese substitute to see how our family would feel overall.  The next step is cutting gluten, but I’m not THAT crunchy…..or am I?