Baby Time’s Newborn Diaper Rental Package
Interested in cloth diapering and not sure where to start with your newborn?  Want to try with a very minimum investment and still save loads over disposables? The Baby Time Newborn Diaper Rental package is a great place to start!

This trial includes all NEW diapers and you can even keep them for a fee after the trial is over!

What you get:  

Rental 1:

24 Infant prefolds

6 Newborn covers

4 Newborn AIOs

$144 plus $25 deposit* = $169


Rental 2:

20  Infant prefolds

6 Newborn Covers

8  Newborn AIOs

$174 plus $25 deposit* = $199


Rental 3:

28 AIOs

$274 plus $25 deposit* = $299


**Please note:  All prefolds require a cover to be waterproof.

For How Long:

The rental period is 10 weeks.  If you need more time with the diapers, let us know and we can extend your rental for an additional $10/week.  Please order at least 3 weeks in advance of your impending arrival so we have time to get the diapers ready for you!

What it Costs:  

The total cost of the rental is a rental fee + refundable deposit.  The total cost is dependent on which diapers you choose.  So you have complete control!

That’s it!  You can cloth diaper your newborn for LESS than the cost of disposables!

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Diapers must be returned within one week of the end of the trial.  If they are not received back within this time frame, no deposit will be refunded.  If we do not receive the diapers back, we do not refund the deposit.
  2.  Diapers received back with mold, mildew, smoke odor, pet hair or odors or with rash cream stains/residue are considered damaged and your deposit will not be refunded.  PLEASE make sure your diapers are clean and all the way dry before you package them up to return.
  3.  Currently this rental program is for local customers only. You must pick up and return the diapers during store hours. If you would like to ship them back, you may but you are responsible for the cost for shipping and insurance is highly recommended. If diapers are lost enroute, no deposit will be refunded.
  4.  If you send the diapers back early, the rental fee is the same.
  5.  Use only cloth diaper safe rash creams and cloth diaper safe detergents.  Rash cream stains on the diapers will cause you to lose your deposit.  If you must use a non-cloth diaper safe rash cream, please use a fleece liner to protect the diapers.
  6.  Please order at least 4 weeks before your expected due date.  The Newborn Rental will be available to you 2 weeks before you are due. Please call ahead or email to notify Baby Time of your pick-up day.  The rental period starts the day you are due, however, we understand sometimes babies come early or late.  Just keep us posted and we will switch the start of the rental to the day you start using the diapers!  However, if we hear nothing, we will assume the diaper usage started on your due date.
  7.  Reward points do not apply to cloth diaper rentals.

Still have questions?  Please contact me, I’m happy to answer!


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