A back and forth regarding one of the pictures I posted on Baby Time’s Facebook page made me think about some of the other advantages of cloth diapering.

The obvious reasons being it’s better for your child’s health, the environment and your wallet.

The little things were:

  1. Way less blowouts. I honestly don’t remember a single one with our cloth diapered baby. Our first child, I could tell you some horror stories (THE POOP WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!)
  2. On the same note, not cleaning or bleaching the sides of a leg holes from said blowouts and leaks. I had to buy a bucket just to soak baby laundry in our laundry room and thought the clorox pen was the BEST THING EVER! (Still is for those food stains!)
  3. Not having that diaper smell. My baby smelled good, just that baby smell. No perfume or baby powdery ick.  You could really tell a difference when you changed disposable brands. *wrinkles nose*
  4. Big butts!
  5. I could take her out with just a shirt and a diaper and not worry about leaks or dampness.
  6. Covers doubled as swim diapers when playing in the sprinkler

These are just a few off the top of my head. What are your favorite  not-so-known cloth diaper perks!