I’m gearing up for my 3 year celebrations and that finds me revisiting goals and envisioning the future.


But most of all I’m thankful. Many of you know I started this business out of my home with an online store in February of 2012. I’ve had a new website in the building stage for a couple of years now, but am still not ready to launch. Partly because I still love my website design and partly because my in-store business is so busy I keep forgetting. Ha!  I’ve been so blessed over the past few years getting to serve the community as well as getting to know your families. Thank you!  And a big thank you to my staff: Mackenzie and Renae – I wouldn’t be able to function without you! And to my family too  – I love you!


So what are my goals for the future? As much as I love my little shop in Glenbrook Centre I’m starting to outgrow it. Shelves are bursting and sometimes I sit here at the checkout counter and I feel like everything is creeping in on me! However, where to go? How much will I need to increase sales, hours, and staffing depending on my move. And of course moving costs money! But that’s the first thing on my mind for my fourth year in business.


I’m always looking for new products, especially locally-made, to offer in my shop. I like unique one-of-a-kind items too.  I’ve had to drop a few of my favorites because they are in the big box stores.


I’d love to offer new classes and workshops too! Any instructors or ideas for classes are welcome!


There are several special events planned to celebrate my three years in business. Check out the events calendar for dates and times! Friday Oct 23rd is our VIP night for all our Bonus Card Members and Saturday, Oct. 24th is our daytime celebration. We also have some fun holiday activities planned for Small Business Saturday on November 28th.

I hope to see you all there! ~Kristen