I’ve tried several different brands of enzyme-free soap to wash my cloth diapers.  Either they were left with stains, or smelling not-so-fresh. Or, they didn’t clean the stains off my clothes as well as Charlie’s did. So I kept going back to it! That’s why this is the brand I sell at Baby Time!

More info on how to clean diapers with Charlie’s Soap:

Charlie’s Soap isn’t scared of poop!

Cloth diapering is no longer just a fad. It’s big business. And keeping them clean can be a big job. New
parents are pulled this way and that trying to do right by their babies. It can be confusing, frustrating,
exasperating, you name it! Well, it doesn’t have to be that big a chore. You can de-clutter your laundry room,
and de-stress your life with Charlie’s Soap – one safe, effective and biodegradable detergent to clean all your
prefolds, pockets, inserts, onesies, twosies, and everything else washable that fits on baby. Charlie’s Soap is:

GREEN: 97% biodegradable in just a month (Japan Food Research Labs)
Your family will be safe because of our Non-Toxic formula.
Our products are safe for septic systems.

CLEAN: Nothing cleans as thoroughly as Charlie’s Soap. (SGS Testing Labs)
Use on any washable fabric: cotton, polyester, neoprene, etc…
It rinses away completely leaving nothing at all that can touch sensitive baby
skin. No ifs, ands, or butts. (Clemson University School of Textiles)

GUARANTEED. We believe in only making products that work well.
Use as directed and your skin will love you for it

The best way to use Charlie’s Soap for Diapers:

  • The machine should be cleaned of all residues of other detergents before washing diapers
    with Charlie’s Soap. (Already use Charlie’s? Skip this step.)
  • Put 2 TBSP of the Powder or 2 fl. oz. of the Liquid into the machine and run a full cycle with some
    old rags. Rinse twice. Always use at least the full dose of Charlie’s Soap for a diaper load: 1 oz. of the
    Liquid or 1 TBSP of the Powder. Charlie’s Soap will rinse completely so do not worry about residue.
  • Charlie’s Soap needs that full amount to be effective. More may be required for excessive stains. Call
    us if you have hard water. Diapers that have been washed in anything other than Charlie’s Soap
    likely have detergent residues. Charlie’s Soap will clean those residues to the exclusion of other
    stains until they are gone. It may take several washes with a full dose of Charlie’s Soap to remove
    these residues. It is advisable to wash diapers new to Charlie’s Soap a full 4 or more times
    before using them on your baby. We want to make sure that nothing but the diaper comes into
    contact with your baby’s skin.
  • Charlie’s Soap will remove a lot of the bacteria in a diaper during the normal wash. But for your
    baby’s safety, we recommend you follow some disinfecting routine. Since no disinfectant is perfect for
    each customer, we recommend you contact your diaper manufacturer to see which method they
    suggest. (I used a splash of bleach-also a must if your child is battling yeast/diaper rash. Be sure to do a double rinse!)

For day to day washing, we recommend a wash routine like this:

  • Cold water rinse.
  • Long warm wash with Charlie’s Soap, disinfectant, and if necessary, a water softener.
  • Short cold wash with Charlie’s Soap alone and finish up with a double rinse.